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White Sandbags Economy Flood Prevention Sandbag 2500+ Hour UV protection

Price: $10 | Total: $10

This sandbag comes pre-filled or unfilled.  This is our economy bag for one – two uses. The fabric of this sandbag is woven poly, with a heavy duty build with 80GSM (material thickness) than traditional polypropylene sandbags seen in industrial sandbags. This bag is build to last 2000+ hours of sunlight, resists punctures, tears and wear. This bag is perfect for any type of flood prevention, from hurricane flooding to project site flooding needs. This bag is built to last 6-8 months in the sunlight. 
This bag also offers a high GSM allowing more sand to be used and less bags.  Call today for customer orders of 1 pallet or a truck load.  We currently have 100K sandbags in stock and ready for pickup in Houston & Lubbock.. 

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  • Bag specification: GSM (grams per square meter):80 GSM. This bags lifespan is 8-12 months in the elements. 
  • 2X the strength of traditional sandbags. 
  • 2000 Hours of UV Protection
  • Weight: 31lb Bag filled.
  • Color: White
  • Material:Woven Poly 
  • Fabric Weight:80 GSM fabric material weight
  • Hemmed top for convenient filling
  • Double seam bottom for superior strength.