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Buy Sandbags for Flooding in Houston, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and surrounding areas

Durable & Heavy Duty Sandbags For Flooding 

We specialize in sandbags. We have a proprietary method for creating and filling our sandbags ensuring durability and long lasting products. When you buy our sandbags for flood protection we guarantee they will last the test of time. They will not get frail or break after one use. Call today for a free estimate and more details.

Prevent Damage With BJ’s Sandbags

Avoiding flooding is something that Texas and surrounding state homeowners need to focus on as rising sea levels, heavier and more frequent downpours, and stronger tropical storms and hurricanes become more common. Floods can cause a great deal of damage, and there’s nothing scarier than sitting in your home and watching the water rise towards your property and home.

There are several ways your home can potentially flood, from failing sump pumps to breached flood barriers to cresting rivers to rainstorms, to name a few ways. So, it’s always best to think ahead of the game and get prepared with Sandbags for flooding by BJs. 

Sandbags are the ideal way of preventing water intrusion that can cause mold and other serious types of damage that could result in damaged foundation problems. The other piece of good news is that sandbags are not costly. They’re simple to set up and easy to use. All it takes is a shovel, some sand and an extra pair of hands to set up filled sandbags to protect your home from water.

Pick Up Sandbags in Houston Or Lubbock | Sandbag Delivery Available To TX, LA, OK, AK, KS, FL & Surrounding States

You can buy sandbags from one of our locations in Lubbock or Houston TX. We have sandbags in inventory and this includes both filled and unfilled sandbags. During times of storms and floods, we offer an emergency service for all. Make sure you contact us before showing up at our location so that we can prepare your order pre pickup. 

When there is substantial flooding, we usually stock up on our sandbags so that customers have a fresh supply and can order as many as needed. It’s always best to prepare beforehand and not wait until the last minute. This is where unfilled sandbags come in handy. Call us anytime for more details. 

Here Are Our Tips On How To Fill Unfilled Sandbags.

It is best to use sand to fill your unfilled sandbags. Do not use:

  • Gravel
  • Soil
  • Clay
  • Mixture of these

Fill up the sandbag with two-thirds of sand. Be sure not to overfill them since they can become too heavy to carry. Don’t tie the bag at the top unless it’s for transport purposes.

How To Use Sandbags For Flood Prevention For Homes & Businesses

Sandbags can decrease the impact of flooding when you strategically place them correctly around the right locations of your home. While they won’t completely stop water, they will decrease the amount that enters your property and home. Here are the steps to using sandbags:

  1.  Clear the area before you set up your sandbags. Eliminate any objects or debris that’s in the way. Check for low spots in the location where you’ll be creating the barricade. First, you’ll cover these low spots with sandbags. As you place the sandbags, you’ll want to fold the bag’s unfilled end, making a triangle. If you tie the bags, then you’ll want to flatten them as much as you can.
  2. When you set the sandbags up, ensure they are parallel to the water’s direction of flow and place them lengthwise. If there are flaps, fold them underneath the weight of the bags.
  3. Keep the height of your sandbags above the water. Look for the projected water height first so you can plan accordingly.
  4. Use sandbags in various areas, such as:
    • Doorways: If you’re trying to protect doorways with the sandbags, be sure to add a waterproof layer between the sandbags and the door. A waterproof plastic or canvas should work. Secure the layer by taping it to the door frame. Allow room at the top of this layer, to enable you to pull it over the top of your sandbags. Stagger the sandbags, flattening them a bit, as you did with the barricade. Once you’ve set up your sandbags, you can now pull the waterproof layer over them.
    • Windows: You can implement the same strategy you did for protecting your doors to protect lower windows. Place a row of sandbags in front of the low window tightly. Then, you’ll place sandbags asymmetrically forming a protective layer.

These stacking techniques should redirect most debris and water away from your house. Once the flooding is over, you’ll have to eliminate the sandbags since they’ve been sitting in the water, collecting bacteria.

You may also wish to consider using filled sandbags to protect other areas. For instance, you can place a filled sandbag on drains in the bath or shower. Check for other drains you should cover. This helps keep the contaminated floodwater from flowing in through the pipes.

When it comes time to remove the sandbags after a flood, you should ensure your skin isn’t exposed by wearing protective gloves. You should bring your sandbags to an office waste disposal center. If you’re not sure where you can take them, contact your local municipality.

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