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Buy Sand Bags For Flooding in New Orleans, Houston & Surrounding Areas -

Pre-Filled Sandbags

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Rely on our independently owned business for filled sandbags. Same day delivery & pickup in Houston Available. Schedule your pickup before coming.

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SERVING: Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Kansas, Colorado, and Arkansas

These products can be bagged and shipped to any continental US destination.

New Location in Houston. Call today for same Day Pickup or Delivery. Order 5 or 5 truck loads we have you covered. Protect your home and business from flooding and water damage. Competitively priced.

Filled Sandbags,
Gravel Bags, and More

Get filled sandbags, gravel bags, construction bags and flood bags used for construction, pipeline, oil fields, flooding, road construction for barricade anchors bags at BJ’s Sand Baggers. Call us before the rainy season for seasonal DISCOUNTS.

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SandBags for Flooding

Protect your home or business from flooding. Read our article on how to properly protect your property using our sand bags.

Ballist Sand Bags

Use our ballast sand bags to control traffic and construct temporary barricades for essential operations.


We are an integral part of many oil and gas / industrial operations. We regularly ship pallets and truck full of sand bags across the south. Learn more about our wholesale sand bag service for your industry.


Use our sand bags to manage your Construcion site. We offer wholesale pricing and quick shipping. Call now for an estimate or read more.


Individuals have been dewatering for decades with sandbags, however, they’re not the only option. Another solution is cofferdam bags. Both are effective options, but it’s a good idea to learn the differences between the two.


Read more on the advantages of POLYPROPYLENE SANDBAGS for your home or business. Call anytime for questions.

Our Sandbag Services Are Guaranteed to Help

At BJ’s Sand Baggers we can provide you with the sandbags you want for many different uses. We bag many different types of materials such as gravel, soil, rock and even mulch for commercial uses. When you need filled sandbags we offer free quotes on all of our products and services. You can count on us, we only use bags that have been machine sewn to lay flat and offer 2000 hours protection from UV rays. CUSTOM orders welcome.

Our Bags Come with Many Different Features

Our bags come with great features. You can count on our bags to be high strength with high UV ratings, securely sewn top & bottom to lay flat and for maximum durability. Available to be shipped in a super sack/tote. We offer sturdy solutions for many different purposes such as flood protection and control, plastic sheeting, anchoring tarps, supporting fences that are temporary, and for use on construction sites. When you need sandbags, we’re here to help. Do you need our products and services fast? We also offer 24/7 emergency services and ship to Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Kansas, Colorado, and Arkansas within 24 hours..

Our Affordable Offerings Include the Following:

Filled Sandbags for:

  • Pipeline & Oil Field
  • Flooding
  • Construction
  • Cofferdam bags

Heavy-duty bags with 4000 hours UV protection for:

  • Errosion Control
  • Sign & Barricade

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