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Unfilled Orange Sandbags

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Heavy duty and durable UNFILLED sandbag perfect for commercial and residential use. This is our go to sandbag for traffic barricades, high visibility needs, and above ground usage. Construction sites and municipalities usually purchase this bag. This bag is built to last a minimum of 3,500 to 4,000 hours in the sunlight. This bag also offers a high surface area, which allows you to use more sand and less bags for your project.  Call today for your sandbag needs. We currently have 100K+ pre-filled sandbags in stock and ready for pickup in Houston & Lubbock.. We also offer shipping to any continental US destination.

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  • High strength
  • High UV Protection 4000 hours
  • Multiple sizes, colors & weights available for different job site specs
  • Bag specification: GSM (grams per square meter):115 GSM. Most competitors are 65 to 80 GSM. Meaning you get twice the material of a standard bag. Or twice the sandbag. Save money and time with this sandbag. More bang for your buck and you dont have to replace it often. This bag lasts for years versus other bags that last 6-8. 
  • Weight: 35 TO 40LB Bag filled
  • Color: Orange high vis
  • Material:Woven Poly Sandbags
  • Fabric Weight:115 GSM (most sandbags are 65-80)
  • Securely sewn at top for maximum durability
  • Double seam bottom for superior strength. 
  • We can ship palletized or loaded in a super sack