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Construction Site Sandbags

Our Sandbags are some of the most cost-effective products used by our commercial customers to meet their project needs and secure their construction sites from negative consequences.

Our Heavy Duty sandbags are generally packed along the edge of work landscapes where excavation alters the original landscape. The conventional thinking is that until the land settles with new plant life or commercial materials are in place, erosion and weather conditions can cause infrastructure and environmental risks. These are primary reasons why government organizations such as the Environmental Protection Agency, among others, require a sandbag strategy during the permitting process. That’s also why sandbags are used in projects that include the following.

  • Road & Highway Construction
  • Industrial and Commercial Building Projects
  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Logging Operations
  • Excavation & Landscaping
  • Razing & Rehabilitation Projects
  • Residential Construction and Renovation
  • Sewer and Water Construction
  • Agricultural Structures & Facilities

Sandbags Deliver Environmental Benefits

Sandbags are also considered a “green product” because they utilize natural earth elements with the added purposes of protecting rivers, streams, and wetlands from being impacted by necessary construction and materials. The reusable and the natural materials that fill sandbags can be safely returned to the Earth. In hazardous materials construction, the self-contained products can be processed in accordance with federal and state guidelines.

Although many of today’s building materials enjoy sound environmental ratings, composite dust particles and peripheral debris can find its way into ecosystems during ongoing projects due to rain and inclement weather. These are essential environments that sandbags can help protect when properly used.

  • Freshwater Rivers & Lakes
  • Man-Made Residential Ponds
  • Local Reservoirs
  • Beachfront & Shorelines
  • Dunes and Wetlands
  • Ecosystems for Endangered Species

Seasonal rains or spot storms can cause groundswells of water, particularly in areas where soil includes layers of clay or rock near the surface. Runoff tends to be one of the most important reasons to insolate a construction site and protect the environment. A well-conceived sandbag plan helps hard-working contractors and crews be stewards of the land.

Sandbags for Residential & Commercial Landscaping Projects

Landscaping outfits are enjoying increased benefits by utilizing sandbags in residential and commercial projects. The common wisdom has been that sandbags are a more cost-effective resource to build retaining walls and other structures. Pivoting away from concrete and large stone buffers reduces material and labor costs.

Excavation and landscaping professionals also find that sandbags offer unique benefits many materials may not. Consider how the following uses can reduce overhead and deliver enhanced flexibility.

  • Retaining Walls: Sandbags can be integrated with increased flexibility. They are not restricted to vertical construction, allowing for more natural slopes and unique designs.
  • Pipe Insulation: Drainage pipes can be impacted by shifting rocks and tree roots. Packing underground drainage pipes with sandbags delivers a lasting defense buffer.
  • Redirect Runoff: Residential and commercial landscaping projects often require long-term solutions to potential flooding issues. Sandbags are a cost-effective product for redirecting seasonal water or integrating landscaping levees for enhanced protection.

One of the essential differences between employing sandbags over concrete or large stones is that they can be cost-effectively removed and redeployed should the natural landscape suffer a severe weather impact, or a new construction project calls for changes.

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