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Heavy Duty Black Multi Use Water Management Sandbags: 3500 HOUR UV PROTECTION.

Our top bag for residential and commercial flooding and water management and low vis needs.  This heavy duty long lasting sandbag is built to last 4,000 hours in the sunlight. These bags are perfect for home owners, commercial, construction and businesses.  Often used for barricading, fortification, signs, fences, water tanks,  parking lots, tank liners, traffic signs, fracking tanks, for sale signs, real estate signs, in-front of buildings or anywhere you would want to use sandbags so they are not easily seen. Also used for below ground and flooding or within lakes and sewage. A recent customer purchased bags to hold down their liners in a pond, signs, and water tanks. Most customers also use these for flood prevention because they do not stick out like a soar thumb. .
 This bag also offers a high GSM allowing more sand to be used and less bags.  Call today for customer orders of 1 pallet or a truck load.  We currently have 100K sandbags in stock and ready for pickup in Houston & Lubbock.. 
Order Pre-filled today. If you are in houston we are offering custom orders for residential use. For commercial use we can deliver pallets, and multiples of truck loads to your project site. Your bags will be delivered in super sacks for easy deployment. Call today for an estimate. We price our bags based on quantity ordered. Call today for an estimate based on quantity and location. 

Product Description

  • Bag specification: GSM (grams per square meter):115 GSM. Most competitors are 65 to 80 GSM. Meaning you get twice the material of a standard bag. Or twice the sandbag. Save money and time with this sandbag. More bang for your buck and you don't have to replace it often. This bag lasts for years versus other bags that last 6-8. 
  • UV Protection 4000 hours
  • Weight: 35 TO 40LB Bag filled.
  • Color: Black .
  • Material:Woven Poly Sandbags
  • Fabric Weight:115 GSM (most sandbags are 65-80)
  • Hemmed top for convenient filling
  • Double seam bottom for superior strength. 
  • Rip & Tear resistant. Drive over it if you want to and it wont burst. 
  • Buy this bag pre-filled or unfilled and fill yourself. 
  • This bag is a multi use bag. 
This is used for low visibility needs. For example some of our clients will use these for